Best Fish Tank Accessories of 2011

When decorating a fish tank or aquarium, there are a plethora of accessories available to choose from, the dilemma is choosing the best ones for your tank. The most important accessory is the filtration system; this helps to keep your fish alive (pretty important I’d say). Next, plants are a great option to help the tank appear as natural a habitat for your scaly little friends as possible. Ornaments always go down a treat, they often allow you to play around with a theme you may have in mind for your tank or just to add a little zest and colour for your fish’s home.

Penguin 150B Power Filter

First let’s examine the Penguin 150B Power filter.  This feature is used by millions and is designed to keep your tank clean, healthy, and clear, with their 3-stage filtration. It’s a low maintenance filter given that it never needs to be replaced and doesn’t have issues with clogs.  No need to have nitrates and ammonia in your tanks water, check out the Penguin 150B Power filter for a cleaner, healthier environment for all. Designed for tanks up to 30 gallons, this filter will keep harmful chemicals and debris out.

Adding ‘Natural Element’ to your Fish Tanks

The addition of plants will make it a little more comfortable for your fish and also gives it a more natural look. The only issue with live plants is the exponential growth and added surfaces to clean. Natural Element help to resolve the issue and make plants that will fool even the toughest critic. These plants look amazingly realistic and Natural Element offers a wide variety of species to match your fish habitat and personal preference. All their plants have realistic textures and are made from a durable material attached to a heavy base to keep them in place.

To get an even more unique look to your tank, have a look into various gravel options for the bottom of your aquarium.  Each colour can match the habitat you are trying to go for and also help to make your fish more comfortable by matching their surroundings.  Flourite make top drawer gravel that does not require any supplements given that it is already flourished with nutrients.  This gravel is the best for live plants and will encourage more growth and liveliness within your fish tank.

Picking accessories for your aquarium can be a tough decision, because of the sheer amount of options. Overall it is up to your style and preferences to make it your own, beautiful, and healthy fish tank.