Automatic Fish Feeders

Often overlooked, the automatic fish feeder is a fantastic gadget for those often at work or away from the home. Having an amazing collection of fish and your own aquarium is all well and good, but many forget that feeding the fish properly and at the correct times is one of the most important parts of caring for your fish.

If nobody will be at home at the correct times, or even if you just feel that the feeding schedule is not being stuck to, automatic fish feeders can be a reliable and care free solution to keep on top of the feeding, no matter which fish you keep!

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The feeders are accurate and dependable. No more worrying about how much to feed and getting the timing correct. You can control the food serving portions and choose to feed multiple times a day depending on the model you buy. The majority of feeders have very accurate timers allowing for you to set and forget.

Even if you will be at home when the feeding is done, you may prefer the hands off approach, allowing you to view the feeding in progress and watch your fish. Having the correct amount served automatically also can help reduce wastage and in turn save you money when buying food.

Some owners even report that the general cleanliness of their tank has improved since using an automated fish feeding device. This is because dirty and cloudy water can be caused by too much uneaten food left to sit in the tank, if you happen to accidently put in too much.

Perfect when on holiday

As we have mentioned, automatic fish feeders work perfectly when you are out the home or at work, but also they can be the ultimate solution for when you are taking a trip or holiday away. You no longer have to have someone visit the home to feed the fish or even have to take your whole tank over to a family member’s house.

The peace of mind that your fish are being fed can allow you to enjoy your holiday and not worry about this fish not getting their food and becoming unwell or even dying!

Choosing the right automatic feeder

Timing and feed controller

When picking which device you want to buy, it is important to look at the timing and feed control functions in the description or manual of the product. Making sure that it is able to not only feed at the times you want throughout the day (2 times, 4 times a day etc.) but also the amount of feed it can hold and dispense.


Picking the size of the feeder and also taking into consideration the amount of food it can hold is all about getting the perfect mix for the size of your tank and potential times you will be away. For smaller fish tanks you are able to purchase quite slim line devices, with standard sizes and larger ones available for larger tanks with more fish. Larger ones that hold more food are also great for those who will be away for longer amounts of time such as holidays.