Best Fish Tank Cleaners

Fish tank cleaners will help aid you when cleaning out your tank and protecting the fish within the aquarium. Fish tanks can get very dirty and become a dangerous and unsightly environment for your fish so it is crucial that you keep on top of the cleaning with some of these cleaning tools.

Often people overlook or forget how essential cleaning of your fish tank is. In fact it is very important to make sure that the water and gravel is as clean as possible, to stop problems effecting not only your fish but the rest of the tank, accessories and equipment.

There are many different little gadgets available and also cleaning conditioners and water treatments to add to your aquarium. We look at just a few of them below…

Tank siphons

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Amazing little hand syphon pumps which are used to drain the tank in just a matter of minutes by popping in the tube and pumping out the water by hand. They are great for regular water changes and can clear medium sized tanks in around 5 minutes. They also normally come with an attached filter to stop and small fish from being accidently syphoned!

Magnetic scrubbers

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These little gadgets are amazing! You simply place one half inside the aquarium and use the other half on the outside, magnetised together to clean the inside of the tank. Perfect for cleaning algae and scum off of the inside glass on the fish tank with good precision, something that would be very difficult to do without emptying the tank. You can see more over on our magnetic fish tank cleaners page!

Sponge Brushes

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Another method for cleaning inside of the fish tank either empty or with water inside. Designed in a way that makes it quick and easy to get to hard to reach places of the aquarium and a long enough handle to cope with the majority of home fish tank sizes.

Gravel Cleaners

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You can buy a cheap kit to help separate and remove debris and grime from fish tank gravel, these handy tools use a syphoning method and can be used regularly to keep the gravel in great condition. You can also buy liquid based gravel cleaner which acts to clean the gravel without the need for syphoning and will not harm your fish.

Water treatments

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There are different liquids, conditioners, capsules and tablets for cleaning and filtering different water types. These are usually fast acting and all have different characteristics depending on what you are trying to clean the water for. Some are for emergency use only, for example quickly cleaning green water and floating algae, with others a more long term solution which can be added to the water on a regular basis to provide extra filtration and cleaning for a perfect environment.