Fish Bowls

The fish bowl has to be the most traditional way of keeping fish and is a quick and easy way to keep cold water fish such as the much loved gold fish! Bowls are a more traditional setting for fish compared to a tank or aquarium.

They are lower maintenance and look fantastic anywhere in the house. Many of these bowls look retro and stylish wherever you decide to put it. Although simplistic, with some careful touches of decoration these can look amazing, perfect for both adults and children to enjoy!

Sentik Glass LED Light Fish Bowl

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BiOrb Aquarium

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Glass Hanging Fish Bowl

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Standard Goldfish Bowl

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Candora Creative Acrylic Hanging Fish Bowl

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Fish bowls make for the perfect gift from family and friends for young children or just those looking to keep their first fish. We all remember having or seeing our first fish bowl and it can be a fun and great way of building memories. They also look rather retro these days and can add an element of nostalgia to and room of your home!

What to put in a fish bowl?

Although not an ideal solution for permanently keeping a fish in compared to a tank, if a fish bowl is your only option we would recommend using some form of filter such as sponge filters which are very cheap to buy and don’t take up much space. If you can we suggest adding some oxygenating plants for helping to create oxygen within the bowl.

Where to place in the home?

One of the amazing benefits of fish bowls is that they require very little space and can literally be put anywhere. The fact that as standard there are no wires or cables anywhere means that it can simply be placed in the kitchen, a bedroom or anywhere else in the house.

There is something tranquil about watching a gold fish circle the bowl. It can make the home a more relaxing environment and provide some enjoyment for the whole family.

A classic solution?

For those looking for a classic or retro look it’s worth noting that you do not always have to buy a simplistic glass bowl. There are many all in one aquarium kits that are the same shape and sizing as a fish bowl but come fully loaded with other neat features such as pump, filtration, lighting and all the accessories you need to get going.

We think it is worth thinking about the pros and cons of a fish bowl vs a more modern nano fish tank of the same shape. The latter tends to be healthier for the fish but there can be quite a difference in cost due to the extras that come with them to get going.

Our advice is that these look great and bring back font memories, but it may be nicer on the fish to provide it with a more substantial long term home if possible…