Worlds Biggest Fish

The biggest fish in the world is a whale shark. Talk about a confused creature!! You are probably thinking this animal is the ultimate predator. Its the size of a Blue Whale and the speed of a Great White Shark and could eat a cruise liner if it fancied it. However this I am afraid is not true.

The Whale Shark is a gentle giant and only feeds on plankton and small fish. I am pretty sure if you jumped in the water and saw a whale shark you would pass out with fright! However now that you have read this you will not be at all scared. I imagine you will have a go at recreating Moby Dick and try and set up a home inside its giant mouth. Or not.

The second biggest fish is another shark. The Basking Shark can grow up to 40 feet long. Again this monster of the sea is a plankton eater. A fish version of being a vegetarian!