Modern Fish Tanks

Modern or contemporary fish tanks are the perfection option for most homes looking to have a aquarium which truly fits in with your interior and décor! These fish tanks are a fantastic way to display your fish for all to see in a way which actually improves the look of your rooms.

Sometimes when people think of fish tanks they often think of the 80s/90s style ugly boring tanks on a stand. Modern fish tanks can truly be works of art, much like some of the smaller nano tanks, or for larger aquariums finished in a way with simple lines and elegant stands that sit flush in any room and house your amazing setup.

Marina 360 Aquarium

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Zenph Aquarium Fish Tank

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biOrb Flow Aquarium

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SuperFish Home Aquarium

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biOrb Tube Aquarium

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Many modern day fish tanks come with convenience at the heart of the design. No more having to plug in loads of accessories such as lighting and filters, they usually come as part of the design, neatly hidden with just one wire to plug in the unit. This not only helps with space saving and looks, but creates a simple and no mess approach for anyone looking to own an aquarium.

Often featuring a multitude of different lighting colours that in most cases can be controlled by remote, modern tanks are definitely something that can be enjoyed by all members of the family and creates a feature in any room that it is placed.

What design of modern fish tanks are available?

You can buy many different designs of modern aquariums in different shapes such as flat, cube, tubular or in a classic bowl shape. This is down to your own personal preference which style you decide on, but where you plan on placing it may also be a factor when picking which design you like the best. We are big fans of the taller tube design by companies like biOrb as although they don’t take up much surface space, they pack their punch when it comes to some height to view and enjoy the fish.

Small modern fish tanks

As we have mentioned, many of the popular modern tanks sold are the smaller/nano style of fish tank which go well in any room of the house including kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms! With the modern styling and simple setup allows for them to be placed anywhere you desire, creating a decorative feature of any room. Because of their sizing they can quickly and easily be moved to other locations in the house. We see many of these available in a white or piano black type finish but you can also get more contemporary angled glass type finishes which are very popular.

Large modern fish tanks

Modern tanks font have to be just simplistic small designs, in fact you can buy large units which much like tanks of the past, feature wooden stands but are made in a way which is more with in keeping in a modern house! Many look like widescreen TV units once setup and sit flat on non-complicated, high quality stands available in many different wood finishes to suit your rooms decor.