Aquariums, Cats or Dogs

We all love the thought of having an aquarium with a variety of colourful fish as our favorite pets, in preference to having a dog… or a cat! Fish are low maintenance, do not give you a hard time, e.g. chewing up your schoolbooks or suddenly pouncing on your ankles when you least expect it, and most of all, they are really quite interesting pets to have. To add to this, you don’t have to take them out for walks! So should you get an aquarium? Yes, we would recommend it!

Aren’t Fish Amazing!

You can literally watch fish for ages as they swim around their cosy aquarium. In fact, the non-stop swimming mesmerises you and the longer you watch them, the more fascinating they become. Aquarium fish are actually more intelligent than we give them credit for. Fish are supposed to have ‘come and go’ memories but they soon switch on close to feeding time, swimming to the surface and waiting with mouths open, eagerly anticipating their meagre diet.

Fish are the perfect pets. The only maintenance required is feeding them, cleaning the aquarium and keeping the water at the right temperature in order for them to survive. Getting an aquarium or a fish tank doesn’t need to be overcomplicated, below are some fish that you should think about starting out with.

Suitable Fish for your Aquarium

  • Guppies -Guppies are great for starting a fish aquarium with and love to eat mosquito larvae
  • Neons – Having at least six neons looks good in an aquarium, as they spend their time darting around the tank. However, larger fish in the tank tend to bully them
  • Green Swordtail – Have only one of these in your aquarium. The males have the swordtails and they do not like other male swordfish being around them. Otherwise, they are good community fish
  • Platies – Platies do well in aquariums and get on well with other fish
  • Goldfish – These freshwater fish are always suitable and popular fish pets. They are colourful and happy-looking in your aquarium

Aquariums Advice

Aquariums require regular cleaning and water changing, which can be a perfect house hold chore / after school project for your children. You can also teach them the responsibility of feeding the fish daily and caring for them on a regular basis. When making the choice to start an aquarium, you should consider the aquarium size that will best fit your home and which type of fish you’re going to fill it with. Oh.. don’t forget to buy some fish food!