Cold Water Fish Tanks

Selecting the right fish tank for cold water fish such as goldfish is relatively easy as you can pretty much pick any tank you like the look of but without needing to buy or have a heater included. We recommend going for a slightly larger tank if possible as cold water fish can grow relatively large. When buying fish it is worth asking the seller just how big they can grow and what they typical size will be over time.

No need for a heater

As noted above there is no heater needed for this type of tank and fish. This means that not only will you not have to pay as much, but many of the aquariums available come complete with lighting and filter that you will need all neatly created as one unit, so you will have less wires and mess to contend with when setting up the fish tank

Where to place your cold water aquarium?

From a simple gold fish bowl in the kitchen, through to lovely modern tanks in the living room or bedrooms as a feature, you can place them wherever you wish. Setting up is easy and with many coming with remote controlled mood lighting and features they can make a great addition to your home and décor buy bringing some fun and vibrancy into one or more of your room.

Kit or stand-alone tank/bowl?

There are many stylish and cost effective all in one solutions and kits to buy these days which can be delivered to your door next day and setup within minutes. These are amazing solutions for those looking for minimal fuss and everything together in one place. They are neat and effective, with you just needing to buy the fish as they come complete with accessories!

For those looking for a slightly cheaper and more simplistic approach there is no reason as to why you want buy a standard cube glass tank or bowl and add a filter and some accessories to it. These can be great if you are looking to just house 1 or 2 fish and create a more classic and self-styled look which you can enjoy putting together.

Buying tropical fish

Make sure when buying fish that you steer away from tropical fish and ask for cold water fish only due to the lack of heater. Size of fish can vary and it can be amazing how quickly they grow so this needs to be another question asked when picking which fish you want to add to your collection.

Cold water fish can be a great experience for younger children in the family. The traditional gold fish through to other breeds such as Rosy and Gold Barb, Bloodfin Tetra, Guppy, Pearl Danio just to name a few of the popular ones!