Designer Fish Tanks

Designer looking fish tanks are in high demand at the moment, with many amazing looking aquariums to pick from in different shapes and sizes, we have hand-picked some of the best currently available for you to looks at!

Available in different standard shapes such as flat, cubed, tubular or as a modernised bowl, you can also buy them in more unique angled shapes. Which one you go for is ultimately up to you but you can be sure that there is a perfect design for not only your own personal taste but to look great in the room where it is to be placed.

Zenph Aquarium Fish Tank

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Fluval Edge Aquarium

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allpondsolutions Small Nano Curve Aquarium Fish Tank

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biOrb Flow Aquarium

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biOrb Tube Aquarium

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Having a fish tank these days is also about how it can become a feature of the room you have it in. With many of the designer aquariums coming in at smaller sizes they can literally be placed in any room easily and quickly and look great day and night!

Where to place your designer fish tank?

There are so many great areas of the home to think about placing your new aquarium in, that it is worth noting that many of the designer tanks on the market can quickly and easily be placed in other locations when you may fancy a change. With the majority featuring simple and clean designs when it comes to the wiring and lighting/filtration, it means that simply unplugging and moving to an area is often all it takes to bring the fish into a different room.

How much do designer fish tanks cost?

Starting at just around £30 through to £300 for a good designer fish tank, they do not cost as much as you may have first though. You can buy a very well recommended and stylish biOrb for around £100 to £200 which come complete with all the bits you need including the lighting, filter, stones and decoration. Taking that all in to account designer aquariums do not have to cost designer prices!

Designer tanks to suit your lifestyle

With minimal installation and upkeep, designer aquariums can be the perfect product for your family to enjoy. They look fantastic in any room situation and can be placed virtually anywhere if you are buying a smaller style tank. A calm, quite fish tank with multiple hues of lighting can work wonders for relaxation in the living room or bedroom.

Designer fish tanks can become a fantastic feature of your home which can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. In most cases coming fully setup and decorated it is just down to the fish of your choosing to bring your new aquarium to life!

Generally available in clean modern colours such as piano black and white, the neutral colours work well with any kind of home décor or setup and with adjustable lighting colours you can become even more creative at the flick of a remote or switch. Your designer fish tank could be with you quicker than you think with many available at next day delivery and setup can be achieved in minutes!