Small Fish Tanks

Smaller or nano/micro fish tanks have become hugely popular in the recent years. They are great for space saving features in the home and can be a cost effective and stylish way of getting your first fish. Available as a fully kitted out mini aquarium or as smaller tanks and bowls which you can add your own features to, there is a style and type to suit all tastes and budgets.

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Wifehelper Artificial Mini Aquarium Fish Tank

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Marina Betta Kit Aquarium

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Many of the fully featured kits come with cool features such as LED lighting which can be changed at the touch of remote and feature hidden wiring and systems which allow you to literally plug the aquarium in and enjoy (once you have some fish!)

Small aquarium kits or standard tank?

As mentioned above, you have two options when it comes to your new small fish tank. You can go for a fully ready aquarium kit or pick out a simple glass fish tank or bowl. With the latter you would need to buy your own filter, accessories and lighting if required. It does give you far more flexibility when it comes to creating your own setup, but can be less cost effective than buying a straight out the box solution.

Where to place a small fish tank

The beauty of this kind of aquarium is that you can place it wherever you wish, from the kitchen, bedrooms or living room, where there is a space it can be put. Much like an ornament or lighting the aquarium creates a lovely feature for any room and can be bought with amazing lighting which acts as an enjoyable and great piece to look at.

With many of the smaller tanks sold coming with built in systems and hidden wiring you can pretty much just plug the tank in with one plug and everything will work. This means less messy wiring for you to contend with when deciding where to place it.

Are small fish tanks cheap?

In general it is amazing the quality you can buy for around £100 or under when it comes to nano sized tanks. You can even buy them starting at around £20-£30 which can be an absolute bargain if you are looking for something you can enjoy without it costing the earth!

A child’s solution or very basic square glass tank can cost even less. Work out what your needs are for the aquarium, your budget and the quality and longevity you expect from the piece before buying. We compare some different options on this site to make it easier for you to find which one works best for you.