With a saltwater aquarium you can enjoy keeping striking and exotic fish

A saltwater aquarium houses marine animals and plants in a contained environment where the living conditions are tailored for their needs. Keeping a saltwater aquarium is different to keeping a freshwater one because it is more complicated to maintain the correct environmental balance.

Fish and animals that live in a saltwater aquarium come from the ocean and do not adapt well to major changes in the water. In a saltwater aquarium, the water needs to be monitored closely to maintain stability. This means that usually more complex filtration equipment is needed is a saltwater aquarium. For this reason, it is not usually recommended for a beginner to start off with a saltwater aquarium.

A saltwater aquarium may only house fish and use mechanical filtration. Other saltwater aquarium owners will use rock or coral for a more natural method of filtration.

Although it is harder to keep a saltwater aquarium than a freshwater one, there are great rewards to be had for the owner. The kinds of animals that live in a saltwater aquarium tend to be more exotic, unusual and visually striking than freshwater fish, which are often grey or dull-coloured.

In a saltwater aquarium, you can keep fascinating species such as angelfish, puffer fish, clownfish and damsels. The neon hues, distinctive shapes and beautiful colours of these animals more than make up for the sometimes complex business of owning a saltwater aquarium.

If you want to, and if you have the proper space and equipment, you can keep fish and invertebrates together in a saltwater aquarium. You can add creatures such as marine snails, seahorses and sea urchins to your saltwater aquarium to add extra interest to the tank.

With a saltwater aquarium, you can keep some beautiful creatures and make a real focal point. There are many kinds of saltwater aquarium in our online shop, so take a look at our range of products today.