Nano Fish Tanks

We have some amazing nano fish tanks for you to see and pick here on our website. Produced by different aquarium manufacturers, there is an amazing selection of different nano and small tanks for you and your little fishies to enjoy!

One of the greatest things about these small fish tanks is that they can literally go anywhere. From your child’s bedroom, the kitchen or even somewhere perfectly placed in the living room to be seen throughout the day.

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Also known as micro fish tanks, many of them come in great designs featuring trendy looks and led lighting, which can sometimes even adjusted through remote control! Usually out the box as an “all in one solution” they can literally be plugged in and enjoyed straight away.

Why pick a nano fish tank?

They are one of the most convenient styles of aquarium, allowing anyone to own and enjoy a fish tank with minimal outlay and upkeep. You may be looking to get your first fish, introducing your children into aquariums, or simply looking for a trendy fish tank for your home!

Many homeowners prefer the look and style of these tanks over larger more traditional styles with stands. Because they can be placed anywhere and even put on worktops, the tanks can be moved around throughout the year and placed in places to create unique style day and night.

Easily bought and delivered online you can often select your nano tank and have it delivered the very next day. Fully setup with often hidden lighting and filtration systems they are minimum fuss and just require simply plugging into the wall (oh and don’t forget to go and buy some fish!).

They are ideal fish tanks for those that are tight on space as a nano aquarium is usually under 120litres but above 40 litres.

Where to place your new tank?

As we previously touched on, the small size of these fish tanks is one of the factors that attracts people to buying them. We know many who place these in the kitchen area, perfect to view and watch throughout the day and kitchen worktops can make the perfect area to have them easily sat and plugged in.

Bedrooms are another area where these are very popular. Throughout the day they can be enjoyed under natural sunlight and at night with the amazing led lighting on the fish acting as a magical night light.

Nano reef aquariums

The most common nano aquariums that you will see are mini reef setups that are ideally aimed at marine fish keeping so these are often branded in this way.

Nano reef fish tanks are often suitable for those on a smaller budget. As nano reefs often come with more equipment than a standard fish tank, such as uv filteration and protein skimmers. Which could cost you up to £200 extra.

You can of course keep cold-water and tropical fish in nano aquariums, but make sure you don’t buy a reef setup.