Corner Fish Tanks

A great space saving option, but quite hard to find compared to standard fish tanks. The corner fish tank or aquarium is the perfect option for those that may not have quite as much space in their home but still want a larger sized tank. It may also be that a corner fish tank fits perfectly in the design of your room as you have other furniture and objects in the room to contend with!

We aim to bring you the very best corner shaped tanks currently available and looks at some of the different types and finishes available. Corner fish tanks generally come with a stand much like traditional tanks that lay flat against the wall. This also gives you the addition of cupboard space below.

Curved shaped glass

All corner fish tanks typically come with curved shaped glass to the front allowing for maximum space and viewing while the tank is up against the wall. This means that you don’t have to compromise on space even if you have to pick a more difficult location to position the tank. The bigger tanks run from around 150 litre to 350 litre so there is plenty of space inside to decorate and fill with the fish of your choice!

Where to place your corner aquarium?

One downside is that you are generally limited to the four sides of your room and you need to make sure that not only are the dimensions correct to fit the area, but that you have plug sockets nearby or are able to neatly and safely run power to the tank.

Although limited in places to put the tank, the very reason you are looking at this option is to space save with a corner so you may well already have an area of your home prepped and ready for the new fish tank.

Style and design

Many of the corner units available come with a tank on top and stand with doors below. The designs are very similar to your traditional aquarium and stand setup but with the difference of the curved glass and angled back rather than flat. You can pick from a range of different painted and wood grain finishes to work with the existing look and décor of your room.

You can also purchase corner tanks in smaller sizes which either come with a narrow pedestal stand. If you are only looking for a very small tank to situate in the corner of your room then you could simply pick a nano or micros sized design which could be any shape or design, but because of the size can be located easily in any corner where there is some kind of surface.