Fish Tank Stands

If you are looking to buy a fish tank of a certain size, then a fish tank stand is definitely a must. Larger aquariums require their own space in a room and buying a stand with accurate dimensions will not only make positioning it easier but add an element of style and in many cases extra storage!

Tetra StaterLine Stand

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Fluval 15015 Flex Stand

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Wave Coated Wood Stand

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Tetra Aqua Art Tank Stand

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Aqua One Inspire Gloss Cabinet Stand

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Many stands come in lovely wood grain finishes but you can also get more solid colours such as piano blacks and whites for a bit more of a modern/contemporary look. Some fish tanks you purchase will come with a stand, but if you are buying a tank separately or simply need to replace an old stand then you are in the right place!

Type of fish tank stands

Depending on the size and style of aquarium you are purchasing or have, there are different types of stands to go with them. From heavy duty stands with cabinet/cupboard areas for larger thanks, through to smaller pedestal stands and simpler designs.

Many aquarium stands come in a wood finish which can be customised or bought in the colour of your choosing, but they are also available in other materials depending on the look and feel you are trying to achieve.

Where to place your stand?

Making sure that the stand can be correctly placed in your room of choosing is very important, just like with any other type of furniture in the home. Make sure to look at the dimensions of each product and measure correctly for the place it is to be sat, also making sure that the actual surface area of the top is correct for the tank that it is to be placed on.

You may also look to buy a different style depending on the room you are placing it in. For example you may want a completely different look if it is being placed in a living room compared to a childs bedroom. We recommend picking something quite neutral that will fit in with other furniture and deco if you plan to move its position to another room at some point in the future.

Storage space

Many of the more traditional built tank stands come complete with storage and shelving, even wine racks, which should be considered before purchasing. Check all the imagery to see what storage is actually available to you to help better make a decision on which stand will work best for you and your home. Although you may expect to place fish related supplies and equipment inside the stand, you may find that it is also a handy place to keep everyday items that need to be stored away.