Best biOrb Fish Tanks

biOrb fish tanks are one of the most popular aquariums currently on the market. They not only look fantastic but are high quality, built to last aquariums that come with everything you need out of the box!

They currently offer six different types and styles of fish tank which each have unique qualities about them, which we will discuss below…

biOrb Classic

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This fish tank is created in a classic fish bowl style which we think looks great for that retro vibe when making it a centre point of your room. It is certainly capable of holding many different fish types and because it comes in sizing of up to 105l it is actually one of the biggest fish bowl style aquariums on the market and the largest of this range! This also comes with accessories to get you started.

Colours: Black, White, Silver

Volumes: 15L, 30L, 60L, 105L

biOrb Cube

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A clean square design which packs amazing decorative accessories as standard, providing a traditional looking fish tank ready to go out the box. Packed with some great features and an elevated base, so that the tank almost looks as if it is floating off the surface. Offering unobstructed views from every side this is a great value starter fish tank for the whole family to enjoy. The aquarium is offered in two different sizes.

Colours: Black, White, Clear

Volumes: 30L, 60L

biOrb Flow

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The best way of explaining the style of this fish tank is a “modern bookend” design. Available in two different sizes and a choice of black or white colouring, the biOrb Flow has a contemporary, compact design allowing it to fit literally anywhere in the home. Viewing is unrestricted around the front and sides with a flowing casing from the top to the bottom and around the back. This is one of our favourites and amazing value for any member of the family to enjoy! Completed with accessories to get you going!

Colours: Black, White

Volumes: 15L, 30L

biOrb Halo

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Much like the Classic, the Halo is a fish bowl style design but with a futuristic rocket style design to the top and base. The design hides the waterline creating a seamless look which we think is very clever. The lid uses a magnetic attachment for firm closure and for ease of opening and closing but also helps against it being accidently knocked open. Comes complete with starter accessories.

Colours: Grey, White

Volumes: 15L, 30L, 60L

biOrb Life

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Sitting upright, this design gives views from front and back and comes complete with accessories to get you started. The smooth rounded edges make this a step up from the squared range available and also because of the height means that it can be placed easily without worrying about the width taking up much space. Great for any table or desk area.

Colours: Black, White, Clear

Volumes: 15L, 30L, 45L, 60L

biOrb Tube

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Like the Life version, this is an upright design but with a cylindrical tube appearance which many people may prefer over edges. Unrestricted views all around, the smooth appearance allow you to enjoy the fish from any angle and is another absolutely unique design which makes it one of our favourites.

Colours: Black, White

Volumes: 15L, 35L

More about biOrb

Stylish and practical, biOrb’s are the perfect tank to have displayed anywhere in your home, housing your fish but also acting as a great feature and viewing people for family and friends to enjoy.

There’s also a full range of extras available for your biOrb aquarium from coloured tops to colour changing light bulbs and acrylic plants. You can fully customise elements of your aquarium over time making them a fun product to enjoy over the years.

You’re not limited to a type of fish keeping with a biOrb aquarium, as they are all cold water ready but by adding a small and simple heater you are then ready to keep tropical fish! If you have some knowledge of Marine fish keeping then you can also soon adapt the Aquarium to keep marine fish.

Servicing your biOrb

When looking to regularly service your biOrb fish tank there are certain options that are recommended to be carried out to keep your aquarium in perfect running order and a healthy environment for your fish! You can buy biOrb service kits and biOrb air stones in a range of different quantities for helping with regular service intervals of the filter and tank.