API Freshwater Master Test Kit

Checking the water quality parameters within your fish tank is a very important part of maintaining and looking after your aquarium and fish. There are many different fish tank testing kits and strips available on the market, but for us (and many others!) one stands out…

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Unlike test strips, the API Freshwater master test kit comes as a kit where you can precisely mix individual chemicals with your fish tank water in test tubes. You wait a small period of time to see colour change of the fluid in the tubes and then accurately compare with the included chart to check the parameters.

Included in the kit there are individual tests for Ammonia NH3, NH4, Nitrite NO2, Nitrate NO3 and pH. You are able to mix the tubes and then cover them with the included caps for shaking and mixing and then place in the specially made container so that the test tubes can settle and product an accurate result.

The first step is to fill one of the test tubes with 5ml of fish tank water which is marked with a white line and then depending on if you are testing for Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite or pH values, you must follow the relevant instructions for each.

This testing kit is one of the best sellers currently available on the market. It can seem a bit overwhelming the first time you use it due to the makeup of the kit compared to simple trips, but once you have done it a few times it becomes second nature and part of the hobby!

The results the kit delivers are very accurate and there are many positive reviews from people all over the world in testament to the quality and reliability of the API branded product.