Fish Tanks in the City

Strictly speaking, the word Aquaculture is the raising of animals for food in a limited amount of space. Now, whether there are “fish farms” scattered throughout the apartment blocks in major cities, is a debatable issue. Admittedly, some city dwellers do seem to lose their fish easily and regularly, but this must be due to incorrect feeding, fish type diseases, or their fish tank systems are not functioning properly.

Pet Birds or Fish

Many city dwellers want a pet or pets, especially if there are children involved and most apartment blocks prohibit the keeping of the usual pet types, such as cats, dogs and other four legged species. Families are therefore, legally left with the limited choice of birds, if allowed because of the noise factor, or fish.

Meaningful Fish Names

Keepers of fish will be adamant that they, the fish, have personalities and to prove it, they are given sometimes exotic names by their proud owners, for example, a goldfish named “Jaws”. However, the concept of fish tanks in the City extends beyond this. Fish are recommended as a therapeutic treatment and watching them lazily swimming around their tank has a calming affect on humans. Adding to this is that an illuminated fish tank provides an attractive method of décor to a room in any residence or office. This especially applies to the rooms of medical practitioners and it does seem to have the perceived benefits.

Fish are like Family

Keeping fish as pets in the City will not be suitable for everyone. Like any other pet, they need looking after and fed regularly, which means that a certain family member is designated with this task. At the beginning, there is great enthusiasm and the fish are treated like royal visitors. After a while, they become part of the furniture as the interest wanes, until they start dying because of neglect. In other circumstances, the fish do become part of the household and are regarded and treated as members of the family.

Choosing a Fish Tank

Having a fish tank in the City could be an excellent means of having pets in limited and restricted areas. Admittedly, a properly installed and functional fish tank could be relatively costly. This will depend on the nature of the fish you keep and the reason you want to keep fish. Will it be as pets, or do you want a fascinating and relaxing hobby.