Designer fish tanks come in all shapes and sizes from the fluval edge which a small and compact designer aquarium allowing you to place it anywhere in the home. To the big and different cylindrical aquarium that really stand out and make people’s heads turn as soon as they see it.

DECO O Designer Aquarium Fish Tank With Filter, Light, Air Pump, Deco Coral.20 l


Aqua One Oak Style Aquarium & Cabinet Classic Design LED Heater Filter Fish Tank


Aquarium Ciano Aqua 30 with Led light hexagonal design


Tetra AquaArt aquarium cabinet, specially designed aquariums, explorer line wit.


Eheim Aquastyle 16 Design-Aquarium 6400 16L Nano Aqua Style Freshwater 6400020


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Fluval are probably ones of the best known aquarium manufactures for producing lovely looking Designer Aquariums.

Not sure on your budget or what type of fish you’re going to be keeping from coldwater and tropical to the more exotic marine fish, there is a designer fish tank for everyone, for the afore mentioned fluval edge which is best suited to tropical fish keeping but can also be adapted to keep small marine fish, to the biorb which is large and happily keeps a pair of common clown fish.