Fish Tanks and Aquariums are growing in popularity in many homes and apartments around the UK. If you happen to live in a flat in a major apartment block in the city then having a dog or cat is out of the question. Having a pet snake or spider is an option but most people are not big fans of creatures that can harm you. So fish are often the safest and probably the most ascetically pleasing indoor pets you can get.

Aquarium and Fish Tank Types

Aquariums and fish tanks come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Glass aquariums are less durable than acrylic aquariums but when you get a little scratch then those acrylic ones are a lot harder to clean. When buying a fish tank you can pick from a 10 gallon and go up to 55 gallons or more. You need to be sure to get a sturdy aquarium stand. Don't be a penny pincher when it comes to a stand. You don't want little nemo sitting on your soaking wet couch when you get home from work.

DIVERSA Aquarium Fish Tank Standard & Bow Front ALL SIZES Real Guardian Glass!




DIVERSA AQUARIUM Fish Tank with LED LID Standard & Bow Front - Guardian Glass


Small Starter Aquarium Fish Tank Coldwater Tropical LED Lighting 7 / 14 / 29 L


20L/35L/50L Fish Tank Aquarium Nano Tropical Coldwater LED Light Accessories


Superfish Start Tropical Aquarium Kit 30 50 70 100 Set Black White LED Fish Tank


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Huge choice of Fish Tanks

Getting a tank has never been easier. The amount of fish tanks available to buy in store or online are extensive. We at Aquariums and Fish Tanks focus on giving the most honest and impartial reviews on the best fish tanks around. We have a team of dedicated reviewers who has a passion for anything fish related. We don't want to shamelessly market products, we want to offer a fair and impartial service that allows you to choose the right fish tank for you!

We have reviews on the latest fish tank and aquarium models. We do not focus on one particular brand, we are not paid to be any particular brands best mate and push their products. We review as fairly as we can and do not give weight to any particular brand or model. We may give a better review to a particular brand but that would only be because we believe that product deserves that rating. We have articles about everything fish related. Fish tanks and aquariums, accessories and the fish themselves. The only rule our writer abide by is that they must tell it how it is. Our articles are meant to be fun, practical and resourceful. If you don't like an article then tell us. Tell us how it is. Tell us what you really think about the products we review and what we talk about.

Fish tanks in the UK are readily available and if you want information on where we recommend you get your fish tanks and aquariums then drop us an email or check out our directories or advertisements. We won't be guiding you in the wrong direction.