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Fluval Edge

The Fluval Edge range currently only has one aquarium in it, but the massive success that has seen the Fluval edge sales sore means that there might be another addition to the Edge range.

If you’re looking for a designer aquarium the Fluval Edge is an aquarium that you should look at. Suitable for keeping tropical fish and a few marine fish. But the only down side to the Fluval Edge is its size since it only holds 23 litres of water its classed as a nano aquarium so you won’t be able to keep many fish, but if that doesn’t bother you then take a look.

Fluval Edge Fish Tank Tropical Aquarium LEDs 23L – 46L Black – White – Pewter


Fluval Edge 46L White


Fluval Edge 46 litre Aquarium, Black, Complete with Accessories


Fluval Edge Fish Tank Tropical Aquarium LEDs 23L Black


Fluval Edge 23L Aquarium Tank – Pewter


Fluval edge fish tank, fish, and accessories


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