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Nano fish tanks are ideal for those that are tight on sapce as a nano aquarium is usually under 120litres but above 40 litres. Nano aquariums have really taken of in the past 4 years as its made fish keeping a hobby for everyone wheter your limited on space or not. The most come nano aquariums that you will see are mini reef setups that are ideally aimed at marine fish keeping so these are often branded Nano Reef aquariums.

15L / 35L / 72L / 90L Aquarium Fish Tank Nano Tropical Coldwater LED Lighting


Funny Fish 35 Kids / Childrens Aquarium Fish tank Small Nano – 15L – 7 Colours


15L/20L/28L/35L/50L/65L/100L Aquarium Nano Fish Tank Coldwater Tropical LED Pump


Small Nano Curve Aquarium Fish Tank Coldwater Tropical LED Lighting 6L or 13.5L


Dennerle Nano Cube 30L Aquarium Panorama Shrimp Tank


Dennerle Nano Cube 60L Aquarium Panorama Shrimp & FishTank


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Nano reef fish tanks are often suitable for those on a smaller budget. As nano reefs often come with more equipment than a standard fish tank, such as uv filteration and protein skimmers. Which could cost you up to 200 pounds extra.

You can of course keep coldwater and tropical fish in nano aquariums, but make sure you don’t buy a reef setup.
There are loads of Nano Aquariums on the market such as the Orca TL-450 and D-D 24G Nano.

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