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Tropical fish tanks are used to house fresh water fish that are familiar with living in warmer water conditions, so this would require you to have a heater located in your tropical fish tank. Nearly all aquariums are suitable for tropical fish, but some will come as a complete kit which are often marketed as tropical fish tanks and other won’t have heaters but that is all that you will need as an extra purchase.

Small Nano Aquarium Fish Tank Coldwater Tropical LED Lighting 7 / 14 / 29 / 72 L


Tropical Aquariums 6Ft. 72″x30″x24″ Fish Tank & Cabinet, 12mm Double Base Glass


Freshwater Tropical Aquarium 72″Lx24″Hx24″W 6x2x2Ft Tank & Cabinet, UK Quality!


Interpet Fishpod Aquarium 120L (Marine / Tropical / Coldwater)


Large Wall Mounted Aquarium Tropical Fish, Brand New Tank Full Set-up, ‘Second’


Tropical Aquarium 6x2x2Ft. 72″x24″x24″ Fish Tank & HIGH GLOSS Cabinet UK Quality


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You’re not limited to sizes with tropical fish tanks they can be anything from 20 litres to 400 litres for those of you that are really keen on tropical fish keeping.

You don’t even need a big budget to purchase a tropical fish tank, you can often find aquariums on ebay going cheap or your local pet shop might even offer a full tropical fish tank setup for similar money.

You don’t need any experience to keep a tropical fish tank, there are many forums on the internet that will help you if you get stuck.

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