Fluval Edge

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A very designer fish tank / aquarium, which looks more expensive than it costs. it comes in three colours Burnt Orange, Black and Pewter.

Although the Fluval Edge aquarium can be used for all types of fish keeping, we would steer clear of Goldfish as they can grow rather large and would soon out grow the small 23 litre capacity of the Fluval Edge. So you really limited to small tropical fish such as Cloud Minnows and Danios.

The unique feature of the Fluval Edge fish tank is that it can be fill right to the top with water due to its unique design.

There is a 3 stage filteration system to the rear of the Fluval Edge. Which helps provide crystal clear water and keep everything within the usual parametres.

The Fluval Edge is ideal if your really tight on space or if you just want a small designer aquarium.

You can keep marine fish in these, but you are really limited on the fish you could keep and will need to keep on top of water changes. We wouldent recommened this as a beginners tank for Marine fish keeping, as the small water capacity means that water quality can soon become poor without keeping on top of regular water changes and water tests.

Tropicals are probably best suited to this lovely designer aquarium.