Juwel Aquarium Rio

The Juwel Rio range of aquariums are pretty simple to describe they are a traditional looking rectangular aquarium with a cabinet below. Juwel aquariums only do 3 finishes colour wise so this is echoed through their entire range. Beech is the most colour that you will see, Black always holds a slightly higher value and finally dark wood which is pretty rare to come across.

The Juwel Rio aquarium comes in 5 different sizes 125 litre, 180, 240, 300 and 400. Prices for the Juwel Rio 125 can start as low as £180 online, the Juwel Rio 400 often retails for £700.

The Rio is probably the most common of the Juwel aquarium range so you can often find them on eBay for quite a low price.