Marina Mermaid Aquarium Kit

A ‘micro’ tank holding 17 litres (3.75 gallons) the ‘Marina Mermaid’ does what it says on the tin. it is a ‘fun’ unit aimed at children and girls in particular, with lid and feet in a bright pink, gravel that is an unusual pink and a mermaid and lilac seahorse ornaments. The kit also includes a laminated backdrop with an aquatic scene of dancing dolphins. All in all it is a pink tank aimed at a market that is young at heart.

What we liked:

As a unit for the ‘pink princess’ in your life it is probably an ideal way of starting a child off down the path of keeping and caring for fish. It is very colourful and in the right setting could be seen as an enhancement to a young girl’s bedroom or even in the lounge.

The manufacturers suggest that a three to four day waiting period is all that is required before stocking the unit.

What didn’t we like?

To be honest, this is a novelty rather than an aquarium – verging on being a toy rather than a bijou residence for a couple of fish about town.  It is too small and would be cramped for two or three small, fully-grown goldfish or cold-water species who don’t mind sharing their space!  I have doubts, too, about the ornaments and whether they are fully suitable for fish on the move.

There is no lamp.

Where does it score on the ‘top ten’?

  • From a style perspective it does exactly what it says and personal taste shouldn’t reduce the score: so it gets a relatively high 9/10
  • Size – it is like an aquatic ‘box room’ and small enough to fit in a girl’s room without taking up too much space 7/10
  • The contra to the above is that it is really too small for more than a couple of cold-water fish 4/10
  • Pricing – the kit is priced to appeal to the ‘present’ buyer and, at £30 won’t break the bank 8/10

Overall 7.5/10

Key facts and features:

  • Overall dimensions – 0.30m x 0.19m x 0.32m
  • All round glass with a bow front and no uprights
  • Holds 17 litres (3.7 gallons)
  • C/w filter and lighting located in lid.
  • C/w ornamental mermaid, sea-horse and laminated backdrop
  • c/w Mini-filter (again this is pink to match the décor), water conditioner and supplements.